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Prices 2015
Please check our prices for tuition, accommodation and other services for the year 2015.
Registration fee (in Euro)

Registration fee is due for individual or mini-group courses (it is included in the price of special courses, including all Summer Schools and Slavic Schools). Its amount is 60 Euro regardless the duration and terms of the stay. It guaranties an enrolment to the course and it is non-refundable. You can pay the registration fee via bank transfer or electronic payment system moneybookers.com. The following services are included in the registration fee:
  • Organization of the course and accommodation;
  • Official letter of invitation to apply for your Russian visa;
  • Information material on all transportation options;
  • City map;
  • Russian sim-card;
  • Certificate: at the end of the course you will receive two originals in Russian and in English/German, up to your wish;
  • T-shirt with the "PRIVET!" logo in Russian
Other services - recommended!
  • Registration in Kaliningrad - 20 euro (processing your passport with State authorities).
  • Transfers from and to Kaliningrad airport - 50 euro (25 euro one way).
  • Transfers from and to Kaliningrad railway station - 30 euro (15 euro one way).
  • You will be also be able to buy best textbooks upon your arrival right in the School.
  • Tandem-partner: learn Russian and teach your language to Russians. Let yourself have more Russian friends!

Prices (in Euro)

All prices are stated in Euro. An academic hour lasts 45 minutes.

Individual courses€15 per an academic hour.
Individual one-to-one tuition.
Courses in mini-groups
€200 per week (20 hours of tuition)
€300 per week (30 hours of tuition)
2-6 students in a group
On-line tuition€13 per an academic hour.
Summer School I, II, III, IV (3 weeks)€1180
Two Summer Schools (6 weeks)€2180
Three Summer Schools (9 weeks)€3080
Four Summer Schools (12 weeks)
Slavic Schools (3 weeks)€1090
Russian Culture School€1290
Russian Business School€850

Please check our discounts for tuition!
Please note: Summer Schools, Slavic Schools, Russian Culture School and Business School are not applicable for discounts.

Accommodation (in Euro)

Company-owned student apartment
Single room

Large room (double)
Per week:

Host family

Single room:

Meals excluded



Double room (for couples and organized groups only):

Meals excluded



Per week:




Per week:


Please advise us of your wishes.
The price depends on the number of rooms, location, furniture, length of stay.
Per week:

double room
from €150/220

Guesthouses and hotels

Guesthouses and hotels in Kaliningrad and at the seaside. A study room is usually provided.

from €40/night (single room)

Additional services (in Euro)

Transfer from Kalinigrad airport

Please communicate to us your arrival time and flight number several days in advance. Our personnel will meet you at the airport. Look out for the "PRIVET! Russian Language School" sign!

€25 one way
Transfer from Kaliningrad railwaystation

Please communicate to us your arrival time and departure point several days in advance. Our personnel will meet you at the airport. Look out for the "PRIVET! Russian Language School" placard!

€15 one way
Transfer from Warsaw
(airport or train station)
The taxi can pick up up to 4 people.from €180 Euro/taxi
Transfers from Gdansk, Vilnius, Klaipeda
(airports, ferry terminals, train stations)

Please communicate to us your arrival time and departure point several days in advance. Our personnel will meet you at the airport. Look out for the "PRIVET! Russian Language School" sign!

from €150/taxi from Gdansk
InternshipMediation of an internship place and assistance€200; €100, if accompanied by a course
SIM-cardUsage of an MTS SIM-cardDon't forget to give it back to us on departure
Additional tours and cultural eventsCity-your with visiting Koenigsberg Cathedral is free of charge. Other excursions and cultural events can be ordered and planned upon request. Contact us
Short trips to Poland and Lithuania

Upon request, we can arrange one or two days' trips to Poland or Lithuania.

Contact us
Organization of a tour of Russia

Trips to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the Golden Ring of Russia, ship cruises on the Volga and other great Russian rivers are arranged at extra cost.

Contact us

Methods of payment (in Euro)
When registering for your course, you are expected to pay €60 of the registration fee. If you will order a minivan 'door-to-door' service, you will have to pay the fare in advance as well. Payments can be made via bank transfer or Internet payment system. Other payments can be made either in advance or upon arrival in Kaliningrad. Methods of payment are as follows:
  • Via online payment system moneybookers.com with your credit card or from bank account (Please contact us);
  • Bank transfer as per invoice;
  • Cash payments within three days upon arrival in Kaliningrad.
We welcome upfront payments. However, there is an option to do so upon arrival in Kaliningrad. All fees are stated in Euros. Payments in dollars and rubles are also possible.

Free first aid medical assistance is guaranteed in Russia. However, proof of health insurance is required to receive a Russian visa. On submitting your visa application to the Russian embassy/consulate, you may be asked to verify your health insurance. We can arrange basic insurance in Kaliningrad at the price of approx. €1 per day of your stay. The proof of coverage will be sent to you. Otherwise, you can have your health insurance provided by any of the insuring companies listed by the Russian embassy/consulate in your county.
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